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Punnet of mushrooms

1 onion, sliced

30ml vegetable oil

550ml milk

2 Extra-large eggs

1 Packet Sasko flapjack mix

Cheddar cheese sliced cheese

1 pack streaky bacon

Eggs for frying




1. Preheat oven to 180˚C.

2. Caramelise the onions and mushrooms in a little oil until golden brown and sweet and set aside.

3. Beat oil, milk, and eggs together with a whisk in a bowl.

4. Gradually add the flapjack mix to the egg mixture and beat thoroughly with a whisk until lump free.

5. Spoon the mixture with a tablespoon onto a hot, well-greased frying pan, turn half way through the frying process and fry until golden brown.

6. To assemble, layer 1 flapjack, 1 slice of cheese and a spoonful of caramelised onions

and mushrooms. Top with another cheese slice and another flapjack.

7. Wrap streaky bacon pieces around the flapjacks until covered, securing the bacon with a toothpick if needed.

8. Bake the bacon wrapped flapjacks in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until the bacon is crispy.

9. Just before the bacon wrapped flapjacks are ready, fry an egg sunny side up.

10. Remove the bacon wrapped flapjack stack from the oven & place a fried egg on top of each stack.

11. Slice open to reveal the hidden cheesy flapjack center and ENJOY!

Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Stack

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