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1 french baguette

200 - 300g biltong

Simonsberg cream cheese

Cheddar cheese

Mozarella cheese





1. Cut out and remove the soft middle of french baguette. 

2. Empty Simonsberg plain cream cheese into microwaveable bowl. Place in microwave on high for ±20 seconds.

3. Dice the chives, add and stir them into the softened cream cheese.

4. Place down a sheet of baking paper and position the hollowed out french baguette on top of it. 

5. Pack the base of the baguette with thin slices of mozzarella cheese. 

6. Add a layer of bitlong on top of the mozarella cheese. 

7. Repeat these layers twice (or until they fill up the hole in the baguette. 

8. Top the final layer of bitlong with your cream cheese mixture.

9. Grate some cheddar cheese and place as final layer on top of the cream cheese.

10. Bake on 150°C for 25 minutes (ovens may vary), remove and ENJOY!

Biltong and Cheese Baguette

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