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2 Slabs Beacon Milk Chocolate

4 Slabs Beacon Mint Magic Chocolate

6 slabs Beacon Ebony & Ivory Chocolate

Maynards Jelly Beans

Jelly Tots

Beacon Fav'rites

2 Beacon Milk Wonder bars

Beacon All Sorts

Maynards Starlight Sweets 

Jelly Tots - cranberry flavoured




1. Using a knife, straighten the bevel edge of a bar of Beacon Milk Chocolate.


2. Count the chocolate blocks, 5 from the bottom and cut the slab at a 45 degree angle.


3. Repeat with a second slab of chocolate, slicing at an opposite 45 degree angle.


4. Put the pieces together to form the triangular roof shapes.


5. Break a third & fourth slab of Beacon Milk Chocolate into sections of 2 x 3 blocks. You will need 4 of these sections in total.


6. Melt the extra chocolate blocks and shavings in a bowl over hot water.


7. Once melted, pour the chocolate into a piping bag.


8. Use the melted chocolate to stick the chocolate pieces together and form the shape of the house. Seal the edges with additional chocolate piped into the cracks.

9. Using the melted chocolate, stick 2 slabs of Beacon Mint Magic chocolate together to form one wall of the chocolate house. Repeat to create the second wall.

10. Using the piping bag, pipe melted chocolate onto the base chocolate bars one block from the edge and stick the walls onto the base. Use melted chocolate to seal the walls in place and ENJOY!

Chocolate House

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