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Vanilla Ice-cream

Boudoir Biscuits

Tennis Biscuits

Nuttikrust Biscuits






1. By using an ice-cream spoon make round ice-cream scoops. Try get them as perfectly round as possible.


2. Crush the Bakers biscuit of your choice and roll ice-cream ball in crushed biscuit until ice-cream is completely covered in your choice of Bakers biscuit.


3. Place ice-cream in freezer for at least 40 minutes.


4. Take ice-cream out of freezer and roll ice-cream in egg wash and then add another layer of your choice of Bakers biscuits.


5. Place ice-cream into freezer again and freeze until solid.


6. Pre-heat oil in pot until you can see oil lines appear.


7. Deep fry Ice-cream for 5-8 seconds until golden brown.


8. Take out and serve immediately after frying and ENJOY!


* Serving Suggestion – Place ice-cream on a bed of juicy strawberries and pour sweet chocolate sauce over you SA styled Deep fried ice cream.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

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