Frozen KitKat Cheesecake Bites



For the Mini Kit Kat Cheesecake:


2 tubs (500g) cream cheese

60 ml hot water

¼ cup castor sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

2tsp lemon juice

4 KitKat Originals 45 g


Garnish (optional): 


Fresh raspberries

Icing sugar


Serves: 25




1. Line a 20x20cm square baking dish with baking paper.


2. Separate the KitKat fingers, layer them into the base of the baking dish (evenly spaced) and set aside.


3. Add the cream cheese to a bowl and beat until light and fluffy.


4. Add the sugar, vanilla essence and lemon juice and beat until smooth.


5. Add the hot water slowly until the mixture is slightly runny.


6. Dip the bottom of the KitKat fingers into the cream cheese mix (This ensures the fingers don't move when the mix is spooned on top) and layer them into the base of the baking dish (evenly spaced). 


7. Spoon the cream cheese mixture onto the KitKat base and freeze for 3-4 hours or until firm.


8. Use the baking paper to remove the cheesecake from the dish and slice into bite sized pieces with a sharp knife.


9. Top each of the bites with a fresh raspberry and a dusting of icing sugar before serving on a platter. ENJOY!