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LiquiFruit juice (Complimentary flavour to jelly)

Fresh Oranges

Moir’s Jelly (Complimentary flavour to juice)

Colour paper

Tooth picks




1. Slice oranges in half.


2. Hollow out the orange halves with a teaspoon (be careful not to pierce the orange peel).


3. Pour Moir’s jelly into a bowl.


4. Add 220ml boiling water to the jelly and mix until all of the jelly has dissolved.


5. Pour 220ml LiquiFruit juice into the bowl with water and jelly then mix thoroughly (make sure the LiquiFruit is cold).


6. Pour the mixture into the hollowed-out orange halves.


7. Place the filled orange halves in the fridge to set (4 – 6 hours).


8. Remove the halves from fridge and slice each orange half into three pieces.


Creating the Jelly boats:


1. Cut the colour paper into small squares.


2. Cut two slits at opposite ends of the squares.


3. Push a toothpick through the two slits in the squares.


4. Place toothpicks and “sail” into the middle of each of the orange jelly slices to complete your Fruit Jelly Ships and ENJOY!

Fruit Jelly Ships

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