Min(tea) Granadilla Muddlers



For the Tea


1 - 2 bags rooibos tea, depending on strength preference

½ cup hot water

2 – 3 tsp honey 


For the Granadilla Muddlers


¼ cup tinned / fresh granadilla pulp

10 – 12 mint leaves, fresh 

1 lime, cut in 4 wedges

1 cup crushed ice

2 shots gin 

1 bottle (200 ml) Schweppes Indian tonic Zero Sugar


Serving Suggestion


Fresh mint leaves

1 granadilla, cut in half


Serves 2



For the Tea:


1. Bring water to the boil.


2. Pour the hot water over the teabags, add the honey and steep for 10 minutes until infused.


3. Allow to cool completely. 


For the Granadilla Muddlers


1. Split the granadilla pulp, mint leaves and lime wedges into two tall glasses. Smash this together gently with a muddle stick. This should take up to a minute to ensure that all the juices are extracted and well mixed. 


2. Fill both glasses with crushed ice.


3. Add a shot of gin to each glass.


4. Fill each glass half-way with the cooled rooibos tea and fill the glasses with Schweppes Indian Tonic, Zero Sugar. 


Serving Suggestion:


1. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and half a granadilla on each glass.


2. Serve with a straw and ENJOY!!