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Chocolate Marshmallow

Easter Egg Brownies



15-20 chocolate covered marshmallow Easter eggs 

Two packs of Marie biscuits

Two cans of condensed milk  

100g diced almonds or substitute your favorited nuts

3 table spoons of coca powder 

150g slab of chocolate (The big slabs) 

± 125g of Turkish Delights 




1. Crush the Marie biscuits. Break the biscuits into 1/4s and add a hand full at a time into a blender if you have one. Leave some bigger pieces to add extra texture to your brownies.


2. Add the coca powder + diced almonds and crushed Marie biscuits into the bowl and mix together.


3. Slowly add the two cans worth of condensed milk and mix.


4. The batter should be very thick and sticky at this point. 

5. Melt the chocolate slab in the microwave and incorporate it into the batter while melted. This will make the mixture much less sticky and easier to pack into the trey.


6. Line your baking trey with a suitable amount of wax/baking paper to cover the bottom and sides.

7. Fill the bottom centimetre of the trey with batter. Make sure you use less than half of the batter as you will need to save some for the top!

8. Lay the Easter eggs over the first layer of brownie mix that is in the baking trey.  Pack the Easter eggs closely. 

9. Cut the Turkish delights in half so they are approximately 1cm cubes and add them on top of the Easter eggs. 

10. Using the remaining brownie mix, cover the Easter eggs and Turkish delights, use the back of a spoon or your hands to firmly press down to make sure all the spaces are filled. 

11. Refrigerate the brownies overnight. 

12. Cut, serve and ENJOY!

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