1/2 cup Imbo popcorn

2tbps oil

50g Bokomo Otees

1 cup Smarties

100g Safari raw cashews

1/3 cup butter

300g marshmallows




1. Add 2tbps oil and 1/2 cup popcorn to pot and close lid.


2. Pop over medium heat (be sure to be attentive to popcorn to avoid burning it!)


3. Pour finished popcorn into a decent-sized boil.


4. Add to the bowl: 50g Otees (of choice); 1 cup Smarties; 100g raw cashews.


5. Melt 1/3 cup butter in a pot over low - medium heat (do NOT use high heat).


6. When butter is fully melted, add 300g marshmallows and mix together with wooden spoon until liquefied into a runny, sticky mixture.


7. Pour mixture into bowl with popcorn, Otees, Smarties and raw cashews. Mix together well.


8. Dish mixture from bowl into a glass tray, lined with wax paper. Pat down and flatten mixture, making sure to fill up the entire glass tray.


9. Allow to set for 20 minutes.


10. Remove the now solid rectangular block of mixture from the tray and cut into even squares.


11. Serve as a school snack or on movie night with the family or friends... And ENJOY!

Marshmallow and Popcorn Squares