One roll Todays original puff pastry

3 mushrooms

3 onions

300g boerewors of choice (NOTE: do not use coiled boerewors)

One block cheddar cheese


* You will need a Weber




1. Pack one half of your weber with coals and leave the other half open, then light coals

2. Remove Todays puff pastry from freezer and allow to thaw completely

3. Dice and fry onions

4. Dice and sautee mushrooms

5. Once the coals are ready, braai your boerewors to your preference. Once cooked, remove the boerewors from the grid and close the weber with the lid

6. Let the Boerewors cool down

7. Sprinkle a kitchen surface with some flour (to prevent the pastry sticking to it)

8. Roll out the pastry and cut it into 4 rectangles

9. Lay a strip of the fried onions down the middle of one of the rectangular pieces of pastry

10. Lay a strip of the sauteed mushrooms on top of the strip of fried onions

11. Cut a piece of the now cooled-down boerewors and place it on top of the strip of mushrooms.

12. Grate some cheddar cheese and lay it on top of the boerewors.

13. Carefully fold the sides of the pastry over the boerewors, close and seal it so that it doesn't come apart when baking.

14. Cut thin, horizontal strips down the length of the pastry

15. Egg wash the pastry

16. Prepare the other three pieces of pastry in the same way

17.Place your four boerie pies in a foil container and put it in the weber on the side without coals

18. Close the lid and allow to bake for 30 - 35 minutes

19.Watch out for escaping heat when removing the weber lid. Use a cloth of oven mittens to remove the foil container with the pies.

20. Though tempting, DO NOT eat the pies immediately. Wait 5 - 10 minutes for them to cool down... and ENJOY!

Perfect Boerie Bites