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Choconana Brûlée Biscuits

Makes 32

Hands-on time: 15 minutes

Hands-off time: 15 minutes


For the cookie dough:

1 (75g) small banana

1 cup (240g) sugar free smooth peanut butter

⅔ cup (120g) brown sugar

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp vanilla essence (optional)

4 tbsp NESTLÉ Cocoa Powder

For the brûléed bananas:

2 (75g each) small bananas

2 tbsp brown sugar

Serving suggestion: Mixed berries


1. Preheat the oven to 190°C and line 2 large baking trays with baking paper.

2. Peel the banana and mash it with a fork until soft. Add the peanut butter, brown sugar, bicarbonate of soda and vanilla, if using.

3. Sieve in the NESTLÉ Cocoa Powder and mix with a spoon until smooth. *Chef’s Tip: The dough will be thick and sticky. Let it sit for 15 minutes. As the bicarbonate of soda reacts, the dough will thicken a bit!

4. Using your hands, roll the dough into 32 balls.

5. Arrange the cookies on the baking trays leaving a 2-3cm gap between each. Flatten slightly with your fingers.

For the brûléed bananas:

6. Peel and cut each banana into 16 rounds. Place a banana slice on each cookie and sprinkle the brown sugar over the cookies.

7. Bake for 10 minutes until the cookies are crisp and the banana and sugar have slightly caramelised.

8. Brûlée the sugar by carefully heating a metal spoon over an open flame and press down over the sugar coating. The sugar will melt, crisp up and turn a golden brown colour. *Chef’s Tip: Use a blowtorch, if preferred!

9. Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool for 5 minutes.

10. Serve the cookies with some fresh berries and ENJOY! *Chef’s Tip: Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days!

Planning to try this?

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