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Sorbet Mimosa Floats

Serves 4


6 oranges, peeled, flesh chopped and frozen

2 lemons, zested and juiced

1 bottle (750ml) Martini Dolcé 0.0

Serving suggestion:

Edible flowers


1. Peel and segment the oranges and slice the flesh into chunks. Place in the freezer and freeze overnight.

2. Combine the frozen orange segments and the lemon zest and juice in a blender. Blend to combine. *Chef’s Tip: Add honey to sweeten if necessary, and water if more liquid is needed.

3. Pour into a freezer-proof container and place in the freezer for an hour, or until just firm and sorbet-like.

4. Scoop balls of sorbet and place one into each glass.

5. Top each glass with Martini Dolcé 0.0, garnish with edible flowers and ENJOY!

Planning to try this?

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