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Tom Yum Rum and Soda


3 stems of lemon grass

Ginger, sliced

1 chilli, sliced

1 lime, sliced

6 shots of rum

1 tsp sugar

1 cube of brown sugar

Ice cubes

Schweppes Soda Water, 250ml


1. Cut the lemon grass into rough pieces before placing in the jar.

2. Slice and add the ginger and sliced chilli to the jar along with the lime.

3. Cover with 6 shots of rum and allow to infuse overnight in the fridge.

4. In a separate jar muddle lime and sugar together to extract the juices and flavours.

5. Pour the infused rum over the muddled sugar and lime mixture and stir.

6. Soak 1 sugar cube in a little bit of rum for a few minutes.

7. To serve place wet ice cubes into a serving glass, topped with the infused rum and Schweppes Soda Water.

8. To garnish, place the soaked sugar cube on top of a lime slice in the glass, light for a flaming finish and ENJOY!

Planning to try this?

If yes, please share your pictures with us on the Foodies Of SA Group on Facebook. We'd LOVE to see it! 😍


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