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Serves: 1


For the Red Velvet Mug Cakes:


1 x 70 g sachet Moir’s Red Velvet Mug Cake

50 ml milk 




For the Red Velvet Mug Cake:


1. Empty 1 sachet of the Moir’s Red Velvet Flavoured Cake Mix into a large mug.


2. Add the milk and mix well.


3. Microwave on high for:

1 minute 30 seconds: 900 W

1 minute 40 seconds: 800 W


4. Remove from the microwave and allow to cool slightly, 2 minutes.


Serving Suggestion 1 – Red Velvet Mug Cake




¼ cup cream

1-2 tsp castor sugar

½ tsp Moir’s vanilla essence 

¼ cup cream cheese





1. Add the cream, castor sugar and vanilla essence to a chilled bowl. Beat until medium peaks form. 


2. Soften the cream cheese and fold the sweetened cream through the cream cheese.


3. Add to a piping bag and chill in the fridge for a few minutes before piping onto the cooled mug cake.


4. Finish off with some sprinkles and ENJOY!!


Serving Suggestion 2 – Red Velvet Trifle Cups




2 tbsp butter, softened

2 tbsp cream cheese, softened 

¼ cup icing sugar 

½ tsp Moir’s vanilla essence

Vanilla biscuits





1. Prepare a quick cream cheese icing by beating together the cream cheese & butter until smooth & creamy. Add the icing sugar & vanilla essence and beat until light & fluffy and a thick spreadable consistency is achieved. 


2. Add this cream cheese icing to a piping bag and allow to cool slightly, 5-10 minutes in the fridge. 


3. When the mug cake has cooled completely, remove it from the mug & crumble it up,


4. Layer 1/3 of the crumbled red velvet cake into a glass/jar. Top this with a layer of the cream 

cheese icing and layer of crumbled vanilla biscuits. Repeat this process 3 times finishing with a layer of the cream cheese icing. 


5. Top with a fresh strawberry and ENJOY!


Serving Suggestion 3 – Red Velvet Cake Balls




1 tsp cream cheese

1½ cups white chocolate, melted 

Red food colouring




1.  cooling the mug cake, remove from the mug and crumble. 


2. Add a teaspoon of softened cream cheese and mix well. 


3. Roll into 4 equal sized balls and dip into white chocolate (reserve ½ cup white chocolate for the drizzle) and refrigerate to set.


4. Mix a couple drops of red food colouring into the remaining white chocolate, drizzle onto the white chocolate balls and return to the fridge the set.


5. Serve and ENJOY!

Red Velvet Microwave Treats 3 Ways

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