2 Rooibos tea bags 

300ml boiling water 

4 cans Rose's Passionfruit & Soda flavoured drink 

6 granadillas 

Fresh berries

Edible flowers




1. Add a selection of mint, berries and edible flowers to two ice trays and freeze overnight.


2. Pour boiling water into a large glass punch bowl and add 2 Rooibos teabags. Allow the tea to strengthen and cool slightly. 


3. Pour 4 cans of Roses Passionfruit and Soda flavoured drinks into the punch bowl. 


4. Drop in the pulp from 3 granadillas and add granadilla slices.  


5. Add a few ice cubes to each serving glass,  pour the punch and ENJOY!

Rooibos and Granadilla Punch