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2 Slabs Beacon milk chocolate

1 tbsp butter

Beacon marshmallows

Wilson's crème caramels

Vanilla biscuits for dipping




1. Preheat the pan in the Weber.


2. Roughly chop the Beacon chocolate slabs.


3. Remove the pan from the Weber and melt butter in the pan.


4. Add the chocolate pieces to the pan, allowing them to melt slightly.


5. Add the crème caramel pieces over the chocolate.


6. Layer the white and pink marshmallows over the chocolate and caramel, making sure to cover all of the gaps.


7. Bake in the Weber at 180°C for 5 - 7 minutes.


8. Serve with vanilla biscuits for dipping & ENJOY!

S'mores Dip on the Braai

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