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Smoothie Pops in a Loaf Tin



First layer:


1 cup full cream yoghurt
½ cup Liqui Fruit Breakfast Punch
1 cup mango, cubed
1 cup pineapple, cubed


Second layer:


2 cups full cream yoghurt


Third layer:

1 cup full cream yoghurt
½ cup Liqui Fruit Berry Blaze
1 cup mixed berries – blueberries & strawberries


*Wooden popsicle sticks




1. Line a loaf tin with baking paper/wax paper. 


2. In a blender, add all the ingredients for the first layer. Blend together until smooth and pour into the loaf tin, smoothen out and carefully place in the freezer for 1 ½ hour.


3. When the first layer has partially set, pour an equal layer of plain yoghurt as the second layer.


4. In the centre line, carefully push the wooden popsicle sticks into the yoghurt, an even distance apart. Freeze another hour and a half or until partially set.

5. Blend together all the ingredients for the third layer and carefully pour the mixture over the set yoghurt layer. Smoothen out the top.


6. Place the loaf tin back into the freezer until completely set, about 3 hours, or overnight.


7. Remove from the freezer. Lift out of the loaf tin - using the baking paper film. Remove the baking

paper and discard.

8. Slice the ‘loaf’ using a sharp knife (not serrated) to create single-serve pops.

9. ENJOY on a warm summers day!

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