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Best Ever Spicy Chicken Wings



For the Chicken Wings:


15 – 18 chicken wings

½ cup all-purpose flour

½ cup corn flour

1 tsp paprika

Salt & pepper, to taste

3 - 4 cups oil, for frying


For the sauce:


½ cup honey

1 cup tomato sauce 

2 – 2 ½ tbsp apple cider/white wine vinegar

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 

40 ml RED Tabasco Pepper Sauce 

1 tsp salt

Pepper, to taste


To serve: 


Creamy dipping sauce

Fresh chives 

Ice cold beer




Preheat the oil in a large pot on a medium heat.


For the Chicken Wings:


1. Flip the wing over so that you can easily see the joints. Identify the wing tip. Cut it cleanly with one cut right through the joint. Set the tips aside to make stews/stock etc.


2. Combine the flour, corn flour, paprika, salt & pepper in a bowl.


3. Add the wings to the bowl, a few at a time, and coat well 


4. Place the wings on a wire cooling rack and refrigerate for 90 minutes.


5. In a large bowl, mix the spicy sauce ingredients (steps outlined below.)


6. Deep fry the chicken wings for 8-10 minutes in small batches until golden & cooked through.


7. Drain the chicken wings on paper towel and allow to cool slightly.


8. Gently toss with the spicy sauce in a bowl, being careful not to dislodge the crumb.


9. Sprinkle with freshly chopped chives and serve with a creamy dip and ENJOY!


For the sauce:


1. Combine the sauce ingredients in a large saucepan. 


2. Add the Tabasco Pepper sauce, stir well and bring to a boil. Simmer on a medium/low heat until a sticky, thickened consistency is reached. Between 5-10 minutes


** Chef’s tip:

20ml RED Tabasco Pepper Sauce - Mildly Spicy

40 ml RED Tabasco Pepper Sauce - Spicy

60 ml RED Tabasco Pepper Sauce - Hot

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