Spicy Mzansi Mule Slushie



1 cup ginger beer

¾ cup vodka

1 jalapeño pepper, deseeded & sliced

1 handful fresh mint leaves

¼ cup Rose’s Lime Flavoured Cordial

5 cups ice

Rose’s Lime & Soda Flavoured Drink 330ml

Fresh mint and lime wedges, to garnish




1. Combine the ginger beer, vodka, jalapeño pepper, fresh mint leaves, lime cordial & ice in a blender.


2. Start the blender on low, then gradually increase the speed as the ingredients begin to mix together. 


3. Pour the mixture into two enamel mugs (should be quite thick & icy). 


4. Top each mug with the Lime & Soda Flavoured Drink. 


5. Garnish each drink with a fresh mint sprig and lime wedge. 


6. Serve immediately & ENJOY!