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Tiramisu Mug Cake



Serves: 1


For the Cappuccino Mug Cakes:


70 g x 1 sachets Moir’s Cappuccino Mug Cake

50 ml milk 

2 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread  

1 tbsp coffee liqueur/black coffee 


Serving suggestion:


¼ cup cream

1 tsp Vanilla essence

¼ cup mascarpone

1 tbsp castor sugar 

1 tbsp cocoa powder 

Finger biscuits 




For the Cappuccino Mug Cakes:


1. Empty 1 sachet of the Moir’s Cappuccino Flavoured Cake Mix into a large mug.


2. Add the milk and mix well.


3. Drop 2 spoonful’s of chocolate spread into the centre of the mug making sure to cover it with the batter. 


4. Microwave on high for:


1 minute 30 seconds: 900 W

1 minute 40 seconds: 800 W


5. Remove from the microwave, drizzle with a tbsp of coffee liqueur/black coffee and allow to cool slightly for 2-5 minutes.


Serving suggestion:


1. Add the cream, the castor sugar and the vanilla essence to a chilled bowl. Beat until soft peaks form. 


2. Soften the mascarpone and fold into the sweetened cream mixture.


3. Add to a piping bag and chill in the fridge for a few minutes before piping generously onto each cooled mug cake.


4. Sift the cocoa powder onto the cream and serve each mug cake with a finger biscuit.


5. ENJOY!!

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