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3 Ingredient Burfee 3 Way


For the Fudge: (one batch per flavour)

3 tbsp butter (ghee would be best)

¼ - 1/3 cup water 

1 ½ cups Klim Milk Powder 

½ cup sugar 

To Flavour the Fudge:

2 tbsp pistachios, chopped 

2 tbsp coconut flakes, toasted

2 tbsp orange zest 

Serves: 20


1. Line a small-medium square baking dish with baking paper and set aside.

2. In a medium pot on a medium-low heat, add the butter and water. 

3. Sprinkle in the Klim milk powder while stirring. 

4. Add the sugar and mix until well combined. 

5. Stir continuously until the sugar is melted and the mixture is well combined. 

6. The mixture will start to thicken, keep stirring until a dough is formed, about 8-10 minutes. 

7. As soon as the dough starts to separate from the pan, it is ready. 

8. Remove from the heat immediately to ensure not overcooking the dough mixture as it will become chewy. 

9. Transfer the mixture to the lined baking dish and smoothen the top.

10. At this stage, add the flavouring of choice, either chopped pistachios, toasted coconut or orange zest. Press down slightly to ensure it sticks to the mixture but is still visible on top. 

11. Allow to set for 2 – 5 hours. 

12.Unmould the fudge from the tray and cut into diamond shapes. 

13. Serve immediately or keep in an airtight container. 



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