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4-Ingredient Caramel P.S. Fridge Tart

Serves 15

Hands-on time: 30 minutes

Hands-off time: Overnight


3½ cups cream

1½ tins (540g) caramel

6 (60g each) Cadbury P.S. Duo Bars

2 packets (200g each) coconut biscuits

Serving suggestion: Strawberries



1. Lightly grease a large-sized baking dish (35cm x 25cm) with non-stick cooking spray.

2. In a large bowl, whip the cream with a hand mixer for 2-3 minutes until soft peaks are formed. *Chef’s Tip: Cream whips best when chilled!

3. Stir the caramel until smooth. Add it to the cream and combine lightly using the hand mixer. *Chef’s Tip: Only mix for a few seconds to combine as over mixing will thin out the filling.

4. Chop the Cadbury P.S. Duo Bars into 1cm thick chunks. Using a large spoon, fold half of the chopped chocolate through the caramel cream.

5. Line the bottom of the baking dish with an even layer of biscuits.

6. Spoon a third of the caramel cream filling over the biscuits and smooth out with a spoon. Repeat this layering 2 more times.

7. Sprinkle the remaining chocolate over the top. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours or overnight until set.

8. Cut the tart into squares. Garnish with a strawberry heart and a mint leaf and ENJOY! *Chef’s Tip: To make heart-shaped strawberries remove the strawberry leaves. Cut out a small “v” shape from the top of the strawberry to form a heart shape and then slice the strawberry in half!

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