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Jelly Cubes


9 sheets of gelatin

1 cup Rose's lime cordial

1 cup Rose's kola tonic cordial

1 cup Rose's passion fruit cordial



Rose's lime and soda flavoured drink

Fresh mint


1. In a small saucepan, heat 1 cup Rose's kola tonic cordial. Once heated, add 3 sheets gelatin. Allow the gelatin to melt and remove from the heat.

2. Repeat the process with the Rose's lime cordial & Rose's passion fruit cordial.

3. In a small muffin tin, pour a layer of the kola tonic jelly mixture into the moulds. Refrigerate for two hours.

4. Once set, pour a layer of the lime jelly mixture over the kola tonic jelly and allow it to set for two hours in the fridge.

5. Once set, repeat with the final passion fruit layer. Place a cherry step stem side up, into each mould before refrigerating.

6. Once set, place the muffin tray in warm water, this will allow you to easily remove the jelly cubes.

7. Serve the jelly cubes topped with Rose's lime and soda flavoured drink, a sprig of fresh mint and ENJOY!

Planning to try this?

If yes, please share your pictures with us on the Foodies Of SA Group on Facebook. We'd LOVE to see it! 😍


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