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5-Ingredient Creamy Garlic Chicken

Serves 10

Hands-on time: 10 minutes

Hands-off time: 40 minutes


1kg chicken breasts, halved

½ tsp each salt and pepper, optional

3 tsp fresh crushed garlic

½ small red bell pepper

3 tbsp chicken soup powder

½ tin (145g) NESTLÉ Dessert and Cooking Cream

Serving Suggestions:

Steamed brown rice

Steamed tenderstem broccoli

Chopped parsley


1. Heat a large pot with vegetable oil on medium-low heat.

2. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, if preferred.

3. Add the seasoned chicken breast to the hot pot and allow it to caramelise on both sides for about 10 minutes. Then add the garlic and chopped bell pepper to the pot and sauté until the mixture is fragrant or for about 4-5 minutes.*Chef’s Tip: Any quick cooking veg can added here if preferred.

4. Dissolve the chicken soup powder into ½ cup of warm water. Add the NESTLÉ Dessert & Cooking Cream to the dissolved soup and stir until smooth. Pour the mixture into the pot and cover with the lid before allowing it to simmer for 30-40 minutes or until the chicken has cooked through.

5. Remove the pot from the heat and serve garnished with parsley, alongside rice and steamed broccoli. ENJOY with friends and family.


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