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Spicy Grapefruit Mock-arita

Serves: 2

Hands-on time: 5 minutes


1 small lime

1 jalapeño, sliced

2 cans (200g each) Schweppes Mixer Grapefruit Flavoured Drink


1. Cut the lime into half and rub one half along the rim of the glasses. 

2. Sprinkle fine salt onto a side plate. Dip the rims into fine salt, ensuring the rim is neatly coated. 

3. Add cubes of ice and squeeze the lime between both glasses. *Chef’s Tip: Turn this mock-arita into a margarita by adding tequila. 

4. Add the jalapeño slices and Schweppes Mixer Grapefruit Flavoured Drink over the ice. Mix until incorporated. Serve immediately and ENJOY!


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